• Poetry
  • touche.

    The sun glared. Seagulls soared. Swooping wings above lifted winter residue from my skin below. A Red-Bellied Woodpecker sang out, startling. Scarlet cap flashed; feathered skull on fire in the 11 o’clock sun. His perch near the sun, I envied. What warmth he absorbs from the branch of the aspen. From my lowly lawn chair, […]

  • Life
  • h2o(no)

    “The next world wars will be fought over water,” prophesied a guest analyst recently on the evening news.  Water. H20. Agua.  A basic requirement for life and a resource that we no doubt appreciate, but take largely for granted until it is gone.  As California drys up,  I listen from the other side of the […]

  • Nature
  • Maine & Massachusetts Vacation.

    An early summer road/camping trip to Massachusetts and Maine was just what the doctor ordered.  Visiting Acadia National Park and watching the sunrise from the first place the sun hits the United States has been a desire of mine for years.  It did not disappoint.  The National Parks really are treasures, and Boston, Salem, & […]

  • Recipes
  • thriftsday

    Good Thursday morning to you! It’s a cool, rainy morning here in Ithaca; the kind of morning that just begs you to sleep through it.  Yet, if you cannot indulge in more sheet time, it’s the kind of morning that beckons you to a cup of coffee on a covered porch, wrapped under a blanket […]

  • Home
  • cacti

    Happy Wednesday! Because my cat will stop eating the leafy plants I put in the kitchen window, I decided to plant something with spikes.  Meet my new Moon Cacti! They are quite lovely and durable.  Anyone have cacti care tips? Comment if you do!   xo, tiffany

  • Food
  • sunday reminisce.

    In her book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, Barbara Kingsolver remarks that the average food item on a U.S. grocery shelf has traveled farther than most families go on their vacation.  Here in upstate New York, we are fortunate to live in a very bountiful area.  Wineries, breweries, and farms abound.  This summer we’ve made the decision to join […]

  • Fashion
  • midi rings.

    Meet the midi ring! If you’re not already rocking one, you’ve probably seen these adorably dainty rings sitting atop the lower knuckle on celebs and models.  I’ve admired the look for some time, and recently acquired one.  I think these little rings are subtle way to add some style to your fingers! Tips on wearing […]

  • Food
  • foodie fridays.

    Swiss chard was in abundance at our CSA this week so I thought I’d put it to good use in a frittata for Saturday and Sunday breakfasts. I modified it a bit using garleek from the CSA instead of onion and well, added a bit of bacon for good measure! Super easy, tasty, and colorful! […]